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This is Leaguecast: The Unofficial League of Legends Podcast.

Besides a weekly podcast, we do specialty shows, twitch streams, and youtube videos. We are also active on facebook, twitter, and our subreddit.

Chat with us in the League of Legends client chatroom "Leaguecast" or on teamspeak @ ts.leaguecastpodcast.com

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Email: mail@leaguecastpodcast.com
Chris Puenner
Email: chris@leaguecastpodcast.com Summoner name: Outslen
Alex Henderson
Email: henderson@leaguecastpodcast.com Summoner name: peachess
Alex Whitehair
Email: whitehair@leaguecastpodcast.com Summoner name: Tactive
Rick Wawrzyszuk
Email: rick@leaguecastpodcast.com Summoner name: reckreckreck
Nick Cooper
Email: king@leaguecastpodcast.com Summoner name: KingLardout
Matthew Hillmann
Email: hillmann@leaguecastpodcast.com Summoner name: RoguishElf
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