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Episode 639

DuoQ is Back on the Menu!

The boys discuss Arena, Split 2 of ranked, MSI, Beginner settings tips, and more all on episode 639 of Leaguecast!…

Episode 621

TrueSkill 2

The boys reunite and discuss End of season ranked, New elo TrueSkill2 system, Reflections from a LoL game direction, and …

Episode 616

Modern League Champ Designs 

Nick, Aidan and Colton talk about Ranked journey, LoL Dev blogs, 2022 vs 2023 champ designs, all on episode 616 …

Episode 612

Inherent Glamour

Aidan and Colton talk about Neeko mechanics, Worlds 2023, lots of emails, and more on episode 612 of Leaguecast!

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Episode 610

League’s Boy Band

The boys talk about Summoner name changes, League’s boy band, Map changes, Upcoming champions, Lore updates, New game modes, and …