Race to Diamond Begins

Race to Diamond Begins

Episode 411

Nick, Aidan, and Colton talk about the new season and patch, leaks of upcoming champs and skins, the start of ranked, Yuumi and Wukong bot, new LCS format, read lots of emails, and more on episode 411 of LeagueCast!

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To skip our week discussion go to 12:50

New Intro/Outro by Geo Lemus; @geoyukiolemus


2 Responses

  1. Chelsea Cocivera says:

    Me being a Yuumi one trick you guys made me laugh at the start, I have missed so many of your podcast from being busy. Coming back to hearing all this Wukong Yuumi bot. Yesh its a ruff lane if played right, and 100% you guys should try Jhin Yuumi, over 1000+ AD on Jhin, and also Morgan Yuumi that is going to be the next meta I bet you haha. Anywho if you read this sweet, if not oh well.

    Enjoy your day.

    • leaguecastpodcast says:

      We appreciate the support of the show <3 Wukong + Yuumi is still a lot of fun but Jhin + Yuumi has to be one of the best ADC/Support combos right now, he gets so much AD from her!

      Thanks for the post, sorry if we bag on Yuumi sometimes, its all in good fun!
      - Aidan

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