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episode 629

League of 2XKO?

Nick and Colton discuss 2XKO, Vanguard, Ekko ult, Zyra jungle, and more all on episode 629 of Leaguecast!

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Episode 628

Why Is He Stealing a Rat?

The boys discuss Patch 14.4, Bandle Tale, Project L, and more all on episode 628 of Leaguecast!

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Train Your Dragon

Nick and Aidan discuss Support strength, Aurelion Sol, FF Culture, Smolder champion rundown, Year in LoL reviews, and more all …

Episode 526

Do ADCs Suck?

The boys discuss Patch 14.3, the state of ADCs, Overreactions of Smolder, and more all on episode 626 of Leaguecast!…

Episode 625

Identifying Good Teamfights

The boys and special guest Chris, discuss Riot’s Esports Network, Palworld, Vanguard, TSM, Identifying good teamfights, and more all on …