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Episode 653

The Smurfs Are Taking Over

The boys discuss Patch 14.11, Smurfing, Pre-game strategizing, your emails, and more all on episode 643 of Leaguecast!

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Episode 642

Faker’s $500 Ahri Skin

The boys discuss Faker’s Hall of Legends skin, OP meta picks, Esports World Cup, your emails, and more all on …

Episode 641

The Boy and His Yeti

The boys discuss Song of Nunu, Vanguard, Demotions, Item updates, OP Champ picks, Arena, MSI, Hall of Legends, and more …

Episode 640

ADCs Are Still OP?

The boys discuss Patch 14.10 and the massive ADC changes for split 2, The Arena challenge, your emails, and more …

Episode 639

DuoQ is Back on the Menu!

The boys discuss Arena, Split 2 of ranked, MSI, Beginner settings tips, and more all on episode 639 of Leaguecast!…