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Episode 578

Balancing Bottom Lane?

This week, the boys discuss the Preseason 2023 retrospective, Role balance, Neace hitting Master tier, Picks in pro play, and …

Episode 577

Senna + Anything Bottom

This week, the boys discuss balance methodology, Milio the Gentle Flame, patch 13.5, more Senna talk, and more on episode …

Episode 576

Aurelion Sol is OP?

This week, the boys talk to lol_Sol a Master Aurelion Sol 1 Trick about the rework, discuss the current 3v3 …

Episode 475

2v2v2v2 Mode?

This week, the boys discuss upcoming game modes including a 2v2v2v2 mode, patch 13.4, champion ASUs, Champ pricing update, Clash, …

Episode 574

Mail Fight

This week, Colton and Nick hold down the fort with this mailbag episode on episode 574 of Leaguecast!

Grab your …