Valorant of Legends

Valorant of Legends

Episode 419

Nick and Aidan talk about Leaguecast patreon news, Patch 10.5, TFT news, matchmaking updates, Valaorant, LCS news, lots of emails, and more on episode 419 of LeagueCast!

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2 Responses

  1. DinBlade says:

    You did my Sion dirty, Pun intended.

    As a player of the Undead Jugg, and the Shepherd of Souls, Yorick, your talk of them stinking brought me out from lurking, being a silent listener for my long drives to and from work. Also it is funny you should say my boys names in this topic, cus this was an ask riot back in January 2019.

    Basically no, he has gone past the smell of death to just being there, he smells of the battlefields, of cold iron and flames…Yorick may or may not be stinky, hard to judge a 1000 year old immortal in the Shadow Isles.

    To answer this week’s question I started maining Sion shortly after I started playing. I was playing TF in mid and a jungle Sion hit me with ult in mid lane, I had no idea what his ult was let alone what that sound was that alerts you he started his ult. I may not play much at all anymore but I fell in love with his kit, the mindgames with his Q, his tanky shield and his poke vs lane bullies. He was all I wanted and more, his whole theme was amazing to live out as a PAIN TRAIN that laughs at your enemies then walk away scot free when you win hard and get tanky early.

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