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Episode 391

Good Behaviour

Nick and Colton discuss patch 13.11, behavioural ranked changes, and more on episode 590 of Leaguecast!

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Massive Midseason Changes

This week, the boys discuss Patch 13.9, Massive midseason changes including bots, ranked, mythic items, champions, + MSI, and more …

Episode 581

The Dark Age of LCS

This week, the boys discuss Patch 13.7, Ranked distribution, CLG and TSM, LCS playoffs, and more on episode 581 of …

Episode %72

Too Much Mail

This week, Colton and Nick talk about ranked mindset, the ranked climb, misjudging changes before they happen, a ton of …

AD Carrying The Game

This week, the boys talk SEA transfer events, the rise of ADCs, Ranked climbs, LCS time changes, lots of emails, …