Episode 603

Preseason 2024 Preview!

The boys discuss preseason 2024 changes, Removal of the mythic system, League content creation, Patch 13.17, Game mode updates, and …

Episode 602

Too Much Negativity?

The boys discuss the new Jhin skin drama, Negativity in League, LCS x Toast Invitational, and more on episode 602 …

Episode 601

All Random All Clash

The boys discuss Patch 13.16, Arena, Aram Clash, State of the Game, and more on episode 601 of Leaguecast!

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Episode 599.5

Ranked Queue Blues

The boys discuss Naafiri, Arena, Venting, Ranked Superiority, Ranked, and more on episode 599.5* of Leaguecast!


Episode 599

Mid Lane Madness

The boys discuss our Ranked Race, Project L, Essence Emporium, Mid Year Dev blog, our Mid lane challenge, Patch 13.15, …